Feral Awakening (Book 2)

Feral Awakening

Running her own business isn't easy but Kat has managed to find success with the help of her two best friends. Everything is going well until her best friend Ava disappears one evening. Struggling to cope with her friend's disappearance Kat is unaware of the dark hunter that has now focused its attention on her. With everything in her life about to be turned upside down, Kat discovers that things are not always as they seem, not even herself.

His beast always difficult to contain, Ronan chose to isolate himself from his pack and humanity. Deciding to live the life of a lone wolf, the last thing Ronan expected to find was a female Lykan living without the protection her pack . Convincing her to rejoin the pack isn't going to be easy considering she doesn't even know that she is a pureblooded female werewolf. Keeping his hands off of her and leaving her behind will be even harder; especially once he discovers she was the one female that was destined to be his.

Will Kat be able to tame the beast within him before it is too late?

(Book 2 in the series can stand alone but is more enjoyable if you have read Feral Instincts)

~~~"Ronan." She gaped at him, never had she seen him this savage.

Spotting her across the field Thomas tried to warn her. "Stay back Kat, he doesn't know what he is doing."

Kat gaped at the massive werewolf in front of her. This wasn't Ronan standing in front of her. He was huge and out of control and looked so very... feral. Fear shot down Kat's spine at the thought that she could be watching Ronan going feral before her very eyes.

Concern for him had Kat taking one step closer but then she froze at the look in his eyes. He looked at her from beneath a heavy scowl, as a predator would his prey and a tingle of apprehension ran down her spine.

"Ronan?" His fist clenching at his sides, he closed his eyes as the sound of her voice ran soothingly along his nerves. When he opened them again Kat didn't recognize the man staring at her with such hunger.

"Come." Ronan's deep voice growled at her.

Kat watched him nervously as she bit her lip in indecision and shook her head no. He snarled at her disobedience, making Kat take a step back. She had heard the lies Lorcan had spewed at him, causing him to finally lose control. Had Ronan believed him? Was his anger now directed at her?

She understood now why he was always so afraid of losing control. This was what he had been afraid of and he had been right. He was terrifying in his rage. This is what he had sought so hard to protect her from. This was him losing the battle he had been fighting with himself for years.

From the corner of her eye she could see Thomas speaking to Victor the vampire chief. She could tell that they were quickly coming up with a plan to bring Ronan down. Looking next to her she could see that some of the O'Connell men were doing the same. Fear for Ronan flooded her system. No! He was hers to protect. He had come here to save her and she would be the one to bring him back.

She knew his beast would demand her submission. She didn't lower her gaze though as a proper mate should. Instead she looked directly into his glowing eyes as she walked closer to him. She wanted him to know that she didn't fear him even now as he stood towering before her.

Ronan's glowing eyes feasted on the sight of his mate. She was ethereal in the moonlight. A gust of wind fanned her mahogany locks over her shoulders and brought her wildflower scent dancing across his senses.

Mine! He beast snarled. There were too many males around her, threatening her, enraging the beast. "Female, come." His gravelly voice snarled at her.

With a shake of her head his mate refused him, a smile lifting the corners of her lips, her eyes challenging him. Ever so carefully she slid her shoes from her feet so she was standing barefoot in the cool grass.

Her voice rang out clear and sweet in the cool night air. "You want me...? Come and get me."

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